Fundraising Services


  • Free back-to-school night samples.
  • Student Packets and letters collated in bundles of 25.
  • Easy to use order forms and collection envelopes.
  • In-person motivational or video kick off presentation.
  • On Line Ordering.
  • Complete order tallying and Data Entry.
  • Tax included in pricing.
  • Home Delivery or Full Delivery Distribution.
  • Toll free parent hotline, no more calls to school or sponsor.
  • Easy to read adhesive packing labels.
  • Scanners and bar coding for order accuracy.
  • Prizes packed with orders.
  • Computerized booklets for referencing and records, Including tax information.
  • Very generous incentive plans.

Home Delivery

Razen Unlimited can have your product shipped directly to the home via UPS.

  • No more pick up dates.
  • No more late trucks for delivery.
  • No more parent phone calls!
  • No more boxes laying around.
  • No more impatient parents.

Do a standard fundraiser with an upscale delivery choice!

*Not available on frozen items.


Full Distribution

What Is It?

Six Steps To A Smoother Fundraiser Handout

1. Our staff unloads the truck and then sets up the products for distribution
2. Our staff alphabetizes orders by grade, homeroom and student
3. Our staff organizes and distributes orders to the parents and/or students
4. Our staff handles any and all potential comments or questions
5. Our staff makes the phone calls at the distribution site to the people with large unclaimed orders
6. Our staff cleans up and helps pack away any of the unclaimed orders

Please note:
There is no other fundraising company that handles the distribution process in this manner and combines them with the other services and incentive programs the way that Razen Unlimited does.