Fundraising FAQs

How do I get started?
Simply request a brochure kit here or contact us directly at 800-798-1394.
Are there any up front costs?
No, that's the best part. You run the sale first and deposit your money into your group's account and are billed later.
Are there minimums?
Maybe, it depends on the brochure and/or the location of your group.
Do we get charged for the brochures?
No, brochures are collated with parent letters and shipped for free.
What is the percentage we make?
Up to 90% on some programs, but that depends on the product selected and the services involved.
Do you have incentives?
Yes, we have several different prize and incentive programs.
How do we place our orders?
Besides direct sale items, we do the data entry for you.
Are we charged for shipping?
Shipping is included with most programs. There are some exceptions which will require a small fee.
Do you offer home delivery?
Yes, we can have orders shipped directly to the home via UPS.